Monday, June 14, 2010

La Jolla Strip Club

Today was another beautiful day in sunny San Diego, and it was especially nice because it was another "date day" for me and the boyfriend. We decided to have dinner at the La Jolla Strip Club steakhouse. We arrived around 6 and it seemed as if we were the only ones there (aside from those few people sitting around the bar). Unlike the other ritzy steakhouses, the La Jolla Strip Club is a bit more affordal because you're expected to cook up your own steak. They provide a communal grill where you cook up your own steak, and if you're not much of a "grill master" they have guidelines posted up to help you along the way. Every steak comes with a house salad and a serving of garlic bread. Forgive the quality of the pictures but I keep forgetting to take my camera so I had to use the boyfriend's iphone.

Here's the house salad. I thought it was okay.

The boyfriend's 14oz ribeye and my 10oz top sirloin.

You get to grill the garlic bread too.

Mmm. Look at those grill marks.

My chunk of meat.

Cheddar Cheese Fries with Bacon

Garlic Mashed Potatoes

They do have nightly specials if you're on a budget (around $10-$15), and at 6 o'clock every night they have 25 cent shots. They also have happy hour from 5-7 every night with martini specials and 7 appetizers for 7 bucks (but make sure you sit in the bar area because apparently you can't enjoy the happy hour specials unless you're in the bar). Happy eats everyone!

La Jolla Strip Club
4282 Esplanade Ct
(between Genesee Ave & Bus Access Rd)
San Diego, CA 92122
(858) 450-1400

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